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Your App is Really Great Products!

We publicly launched Reaction Commerce alpha on June 4th. We had our blog post all ready to publish, the welcome email loaded into MailChimp, and all the bells and whistles set on GO. It was fun pulling the trigger on those things. Finally. Because the truth is, we had a quiet launch the week before.

On Monday of the previous week while the rest of our country was Memorializing, we were debating what words would be on the landing page. Should it be “Find us on GitHub” or “Fork us on GitHub”? Should we call it a blog or is it more just our thoughts? We needed to make sure our Getting Started video had all the right images and that our Terms and Conditions were viewable on the signup page.

By Wednesday morning, Sara was working on the MailChimp template, Ben was figuring out the confirmation email flow, and Aaron was spinning plates behind the curtain.

Finally at 10:43am, Aaron proclaimed (via Slack), “We’ve launched Reaction 0.1.0.”

Amidst the hooting and hollering, Sara signed up to create a shop but we had initially made signup a two-step process, which meant you had to wait for an email to get your password. When it took 8 minutes for Sara to get that email, it seemed to not make any sense at all that your shop was created instantaneously but you couldn’t get to it until MailChimp showed up with the keys. Then, when the monkey finally did show up, the keys didn’t work (meaning a nasty red alert appeared saying the password was incorrect). Oops.

Suffice to say, there were some hiccups. So we waited to announce it to the world.

Then something kinda crazy happened: people started signing up. By the time Aaron was able to fix the password problem, more than a dozen people had already launched a shop. We quickly drafted an email about our password snafu and got a quick response from ??c Tr?n in Vietnam:

Thank you so much! I have build my own a simple ExpressJS shop 1 years ago. I will have a plan to change to Ongo Reaction which based on Meteor! Your app is really great products!

Apparently, if you build it, they will come because throughout the weekend, more and more shops were popping up on our server—like 100 of them! It was abundantly clear that we had to add more server power to be able to accommodate a public launch. So by the time we actually announced the alpha release of Reaction Commerce, we had about 150 shops from people in 15 countries already set up. And we’d deployed our first update, 0.1.1.

Crazy! Well, crazy good.

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