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You Might Say it’s Meteoric

Web engineer Marc MacLeod posted a missive on Medium titled Meteor is F---ing Awesome that got our attention. Among the reasons he’s excited about Meteor are these:

  • JavaScript. JavaScript. JavaScript.
  • Meteor blurs the lines between client and server, which means…
  • Less code, less work, fewer errors.
  • There’s only one codebase for Android, iOS, etc.
  • You don’t have to go through the Apple approval process every time you want to update the app.
  • And it’s real-time by default.

It wasn’t long before David Turnbull chimed in with So, I’m Learning Meteor.js. Despite making the jump to Meteor only a few days before his post, he proclaimed that he was “already feeling more motivated to code than I have in a long time.”

Then Almog posted that he was Going All In with Meteor.JS because learning Ruby on Rails wasn’t exciting him. “But after playing around with Meteor.JS, I have to say ‘Wow’ it’s amazing.”

We love it, too. That’s why we’re building the first and only ecommerce platform on Meteor. And it’s a good thing we’re headquartered in Los Angeles because #SiliconBeach and the #LATech community seems to have embraced it, too. While Meteor Meetups in other major cities across the country are only beginning to gather steam, the LA Meteor Meetup has exploded. When Reaction Commerce Founder and CTO Aaron Judd presented his slide deck to a spirited crowd of about 50 developers, the discussion that followed lasted well past closing. Hundreds of people have already viewed Aaron’s slides from that event.

Part of the reason that people are so excited about Meteor is because it’s built on top of Node.js, which is arguably that future of web development and now puts JavaScript on the server side, then compiles and executes it in an event loop at lightning speed. In short, now JavaScript coders can build real-time web APIs. And, Node has a rapidly expanding open source community with 50,000+ packages already queued up in the Node Package Manager that likely has already solved your problem.

So that’s why we’re putting out the call to developers who are excited about Meteor and Node. We’d love to hear more about what you’re thinking and doing. We could also use your help. Got leftover time? Feel like tinkering under the hood? We’re about to launch our alpha release, and we’d love a few more hands on deck. Come join us!

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