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Why YAECP, part 2

As Aaron already mentioned in part 1 of the YAECP series, when there’s already a slew of existing platforms like Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Spree Commerce and offerings from Amazon, Yahoo and WordPress among them, do we really need Yet Another ECommerce Platform?

Consider this.

According to an in-depth analysis on The Future of Retail by Business Insider:

  • The shift away from physical retail to digital retail is happening faster than we could have imagined
  • Hundreds of retail stores are closing year after year because offline sales are plummeting
  • Ecommerce sales are increasing astronomically, capturing a larger share of sales than ever before… and yet...
  • A very small percentage of sales (of even the huge chain stores) is happening online

Now consider this.

  • Only 9% of retail stores are online today
  • Retail stores that also have an online presence report sales increases of about 5%
  • Globally, it is estimated that over the next 3 years, online sales will increase by $80 billion
  • Venture Capitalists are investing heavily in ecommerce

So why do we need another ecommerce platform?

  • Because ecommerce is still in its infancy
  • Because what’s available today is already outdated
  • Because 91% of retail stores still need an ecommerce shop
  • And those stores feel as though there’s a huge barrier to entry (time, money and technical expertise)

That’s why we’re building Reaction Commerce. Here’s how it’s different:

  • It’s smart (comes with actionable data)
  • It’s fast (updates without having to reload pages)
  • It’s simple and intuitive (adding a product is as simple as buying a product)
  • It’s real-time reactive (changes made behind the scenes are instantly seen by customers)

Reaction Commerce. Change the way you think about commerce.

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