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We're 4 Years Old!

Four years ago this month, Reaction Commerce was incorporated.

I remember the day Aaron and I sat in my house in Venice, how we spent hours filling out a seemingly endless amount of forms.

It’s been a wild journey, and even though a lot has changed for our humble startup since that fateful day, our vision for Reaction has remained constant: put simply, we’re building the first real-time, full-stack commerce solution for both shops and marketplaces. Through built-in insights and features like dynamic merchandising and smart promotions, our end goal has always been to help retailers and brands convert more visitors to shoppers.

Here are some of the highlights from this past year:

  • We became the fastest-growing open commerce platform ever! Our open source codebase now sees over 2,600 installations per month on GitHub.
  • In February, we hosted our first ever in-person all hands week. Since then, our team has grown to 12 full-time teammates, including our COO, Neil Patil!
  • In March, we launched our general availability (GA) v1.0.0 release.
  • We officially unveiled our v1.0.0 release at Shoptalk 2017, where we gave a 10-minute demo and also manned our first ever conference booth.
  • Great startups, retailers, and brands have signed on to Reaction Platform, our premium hosted offering. In fact, a Fortune 10 company is building a project on Reaction Commerce as we speak! #humblebrag
  • And, just as of this past week, we closed our Series A financing, led by a top-tier venture firm. More on this will be shared soon.

I couldn’t be more proud of our growth and momentum. Every morning, I open up an email summarizing signups from the day before. Without fail, I marvel at both the number of signups and the location of the people signing up for Reaction. Today’s countries included the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Vietnam, and Serbia. It’s amazingly rewarding to know that we’ve reached a global community!

While we may be four years into building Reaction Commerce, it really is just the beginning. But let’s get real. These past years have also been insanely hard, and I’d be remiss if I only shared the highlights. Best of times, worst of times? Yep, and yep.

Earlier this year, we entered our fundraising process, and the pressure was on: we had big plans for our platform, along with an extensive go-to market strategy. We also had a lot of momentum to live up to, and our developer community was waiting. We simply needed more time—and funding—to build and refine our product for primetime.

The good news is that we’re now in a great position, and we’re eager to show our community what we’ve got in store for this next year. We’re four years into this, and we’re already the fastest-growing open commerce platform ever—so look out. We’re just getting started.


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