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Welcome to Reaction v1.0.0

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Today, we are proud to announce that Reaction is now ready for general availability. With the release of v1.0.0, our platform is officially stable and open for business. Now, retailers, devs, and agencies can run, extend, and deploy any production-ready shop using our open source codebase and managed platform.

We’ve spent the last few months honing and testing our core features to support enterprise-level shops with big inventories and even bigger demands. Our general availability release includes complete drag-and-drop merchandising, order processing, payments, shipping, taxes, discounts, analytics, and the ability to integrate with dozens of third-party apps. And, since our fellow Reactionaries have full access to our codebase, anything can be extended, overwritten, or installed as an npm package.

The Road to 1.0

By the time they had met, cofounders Sara Hicks and Aaron Judd had already spent decades building major brands—Etsy, Grindr, Media Temple, Uncovet—on platforms they had either outgrown or broken all together. They were looking for a modern, fast, and scalable platform that not only addressed the common pain points of retail, but also had an exciting, dynamic vision for commerce’s future. So, in true startup fashion, they decided to build it themselves. In 2013, Sara and Aaron launched Reaction Commerce right out of Sara’s home office.

Things have come a long way since then. We spoke at Google Demo Day, won at Shoptalk 2016, received VC funding, grew our team, formed an Advisory Board, and put in a lot of love and sweat (no tears, thankfully!) into the Reaction platform. Today, we are the most popular JavaScript commerce platform on GitHub, made up of hundreds of contributors, over 3,400 stars, and thousands of installs. And in case you missed it, we also just launched a beautiful new website! What a way to ring in a new release.

v.1.0.0 is a major milestone for us, because it means we’re one step closer to the commerce experience we’ve envisioned right from the start: a platform that uses real-time analytics to power dynamic merchandising, live monitoring, and to create personalized shopping experiences based off of a wide range of data points, all in real time, without a single page load.

Introducing Reaction Platform

If you’re a medium-to-major retailer, the idea of switching platforms probably sounds as fun as a root canal. That’s why we’re launching Reaction Platform, a new service for high-volume brands who might need help with all the tricky, dread-inducing stuff, like hosting, infrastructure, deployment, and security updates. Continuously update, deploy, and scale your commerce experience. Or, just have us do it for you.

Reaction Platform features a virtual cluster, container-based architecture powered by Docker and Kubernetes. It comes with command-line deployments, monitoring and alerts, multiple staging environments, automatic scaling, and more. Along with complete access to our hardware and codebase, customers will also receive direct access to our core dev team and near-24/7 dedicated support. For a full list of features, check out our Platform Page.

Is Reaction Still Open Source?

Yes! Although we’re looking forward to onboarding new shops onto Reaction Platform, a free version of Reaction Commerce will always exist on GitHub. After all, hundreds of contributors from around the world have been shaping and defining our stable codebase for over three years now. Thanks to our community, v1.0.0 comes with a whole set of features, from shipping to SMS notifications, that we simply couldn’t have built on our own. That’s why we give special thanks to our contributors in every release update. That’s why Reaction will stay open source— always and forever.

What’s Next?

Although we’re defining v1.0.0 as our general availability release, several of our contributors are already running live shops on our platform, including a snow rental gear company, a German wine vendor, an art marketplace, and other unique use cases. In the coming weeks, we’ll reveal a few of our new flagship clients to the world, so you can get to know more about who’s using Reaction.

Our mission is to continuously rethink the commerce experience. Even though we’ve reached v1.0.0, we’re still continuing to release product updates, improve upon existing features, fix bugs, and ensure that we remain up-to-date with the most current libraries available to us. Ecommerce is still in its first inning—this is just the beginning.

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