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Is Your Ecommerce Site Ready For Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

Thanksgiving weekend is on the horizon, which means holiday shopping season kicks off next week! Is your shop ready for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Even if you aren’t anticipating bandwidth-crushing traffic of Amazonian proportions, it’s still a good idea to optimize your site and your marketing strategy, just to get you prepared for the holiday shopping season. Here are some tips on how to get your ecommerce site ready for the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend.

Get Festive

Get in the spirit by adding a holiday theme to your ecommerce site. It’s good to plan early-ish, since there might be more assets to update than you think. Aside from revamping the look and feel of your main page, for instance, you might want to create new holiday-themed blog post header banners, email newsletters, paid search and social ads, or even new product photos.

Some major ecommerce sites create a themed landing page that houses all of their holiday-specific products and promotional offers. It’s an easy way to organize and display your product offerings as the shopping season goes on, and it makes it more convenient for your customers to browse and find what they’re looking for.

Get Social

Without a doubt, social conversation colors what we buy and how we shop, and this is all the more telling during the holiday season. Be sure to enable Pinterest-sharing capabilities on your product photos. Increasingly, shoppers are consulting—and creating—holiday gift guides with their boards, so you’ll want to make sure your product is pinnable and pin-worthy.

For Twitter, set up a branded hashtag specific to Black Friday and track all mentions of your shop or your brand. Even if a social post doesn’t result in a direct conversion, customer feedback is still invaluable. Social media is one big sounding board, and it’s the easiest way to learn more about what customers want—and fast.

Get Mobile-Friendly

According to Think with Google, 40% of all holiday shopping done last year consisted of online transactions. Of those online purchases, 53% of them were made through a smartphone. So make sure your product descriptions are short but compelling, your call-to-actions clear, and your entire site fully responsive. You can test out your site using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool, or simply by trying it out yourself.

Stay Reactive

So you’ve finally launched your Black Friday or Cyber Monday promo. Time to sit back, relax, and count the sales numbers, right? Wrong. It ain’t over yet. Your customer’s purchasing behavior will vary throughout the day, so it’s best to stay on your toes and react accordingly.

For instance, if you’ve noticed during the promotion that a particular product is outperforming everything else in stock, you might want to highlight that item and place it first within the product display. Or, if you’re looking to reward early morning shoppers with a limited edition offer that ends after x number of purchases, or after a certain time in the day, you could consider setting up dynamic pricing. The key here is to glean insights from your customer’s behavior, and to act swiftly.

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