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Targeted Personalization

Late last year, we touched upon the benefits of targeted personalization, a top ecommerce trend that’s already widely used among major ecommerce retailers like Amazon. To reiterate, targeted personalization is akin to having a personal shopper pick out items for your customer based on his or her own preferences, only instead of guiding the customer through a physical store, you’re guiding them through the interface of your ecommerce site.

Some studies suggest that nearly 75% of customers feel frustrated when ecommerce stores show them content that does not pertain to their interests, which results in an increase in shopping cart abandonment. Conversely, nearly 50% of customers are likely to spend more if they receive a more personalized online shopping experience. Simply put, targeted personalization is a no-brainer for both you and your customers. Here are a few quick and easy ways to add a personal touch to your online store:


You wouldn’t greet your grandma the same way you’d greet your boss, right? The same set of social rules now apply to your online store as well. Sites can now greet visitors with personalized, dynamically-driven messages that change depending on who that person might be. Did your visitor come to your site from a Facebook ad, through Google search, or organically via Twitter? Do they live in New York or Los Angeles? Are they a first-time or a repeat visitor? All of these factors change the way you might greet someone, so be sure to tailor your messaging to accommodate that.

Product Displays

Certain items speak differently to different people. For instance, a potential customer who’s been toughing out rainstorms all winter long might resonate more strongly with a heavy-duty waterproof raincoat over a lightweight anorak. A potential customer who frequently filters items by size might only want to see size 12 shoes, because that’s what fits them best. Targeted personalization also allows you to customize how you display your products to visitors depending on who they are, where they live, and what their personal preferences might be.

Real-Time Offers

If you’re going to incentivize a potential customer with a unique offer or discount, be sure it speaks to him or her personally, and let them know it’s limited and exclusive to their unique preferences. The last thing you want is for your deal to end up on a coupon aggregator site for every single person to take advantage of! Real-time offers eliminate such a possibility by offering limited access to a very particular, and valued, set of customers.

Personal Preferences

The potential for personalization gets more granular and more robust when your customer continues to interact with your site and make purchases, again and again. Your relationships with your customers will grow with attention, care, and consideration, just like in a traditional business, so be sure to take heed when your returning visitors offer you insight with their preferences, browsing history, purchasing history, and unique behavioral patterns.


If you haven’t explored targeted personalization already, definitely consider adding it to your repertoire and implementing it throughout your site, little by little, this new year. It’s a trend that increasingly can’t be ignored. Even the smallest details make a difference!

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