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Release Update: Introducing v0.18.0

Say hello to our first release of the year. Get ready— it’s a big one.

On the feature front, we’ve added not one, not two, but three major features to the dashboard, including the much-requested discount code feature, as well as dashboard notifications, courtesy of our GitHub contributor, Alade Kolawole. We also made some significant structural changes to our Product Details pages.

Let’s learn more about v0.18.0:

Discount Codes are Live

Reaction now allows users to create custom discount codes, which take a percentage off the cart subtotal whenever applied during checkout. To enable discount codes, login to your dashboard, click on the cogwheel of the Payments card, and turn the toggle on. From here, shop owners will be able to name their code, assign the value amount, set the max number of uses, and determine the type of promotion they’d like to run.


Basic discount functionality may be the first step, but it’s an important one— it serves as the initial foundation for catalog pricing and other more complex types of promotions, such as dynamic, real-time merchandising. In the next release, we’ll be launching rates, which are discounts that are applied whenever a condition is met, not whenever a code is applied. With rates, shop owners will be able to create targeted promotions based on product type, tags, and dollar amount. We included a limited version of this feature in v0.18.0, but we’re still fleshing things out for the most part. Stay tuned!

For more info on our discounts feature, visit our docs.

Email Just Got Personal

In our last release, we debuted the first of our beautiful new transactional emails. The remainder of these emails are now available and ready to go in v0.18.0.


Shop owners now have full control of the look, feel, and messaging of their transactional emails. Add, modify, or remove email templates for every type of notification: from the subject of the welcome email to the CSS of the order confirmation email.

To access your transactional emails and templates, click on the Templates card, located under the Appearance section of the dashboard.

For more info on transactional emails and templates, visit our docs. Aren't they handy?

Get Notified

Thanks to Alade (@andela-akolawole), our dashboard now features pop-up notifications in the navigation bar, as well as the ability to send and configure SMS notifications.

“During the development of the notifications feature, I faced a lot of challenges, but the biggest of them was trying to make the notification process reactive enough for a shop owner or guest user get instant feedback when an order is made,” said Kolawole. “For my next contribution, I would love to contribute to the digital products feature. Also, I hope to contribute to many more features.”

We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for the helping hand!

What Else?

Over the last few months, the stalwart Mike Murray has been steadily optimizing our Product pages, converting sections from Blaze to React, cleaning up workflow UI, and building revision control. In v0.18.0, he kept the ball rolling:

“It looks exactly the same, but its layout elements are now stored in the templates collection,” said Murray. “So in the future, whenever a user makes a layout change through the page’s drag-and-drop UI, that change will be reflected back and stored in the database.”

In addition to structural changes, we also made some front-end updates to our Product pages. Shop owners now have the option of adding products without variants, as well as the ability to hide product listings from public view via private mode. It's all about providing greater publishing control for the end user.

For a full list of feature changes, check out our release notes on GitHub. We fixed a ton of bugs (over 50!).

As always, we’d like to give special thanks to our contributors for this release:


A Glimpse Ahead

v0.19 is well underway.

As previously mentioned, our next release will officially debut conditional discount rates to the product catalog. We’re also fixing a bunch of bugs and sprucing up UI across all pages, so look forward to a cleaner, more intuitive dashboard experience. See ya soon!

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