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Release Update: Introducing v0.17.0

Can you believe we’re more than halfway through October? Hope you’ve got your Halloween costume figured out.

In our last few releases, we’ve been rolling out new dashboard features, such as easy email setup and smart search. This time, we’re putting the focus back onto optimizing our product pages. At first glance, it may seem like not much has changed. That’s the whole point, in fact. According to Mike Murray, who put in over a month’s worth of work into Reaction’s new Product Details page, the main objective was to convert everything from Blaze to React, all without leaving a visible trace:

“When you’re trying to make the product to do something differently without making it seem like anything has changed, you end up finding certain workarounds, all without messing up everybody else’s work,” said Murray. “It’s a big change— it affects the core of the product.”

Let’s learn more about v0.17.0:

From Blaze to React

We switched our Product pages from Blaze to React for a number of reasons. Primarily, we wanted to use something with longevity and ample support. React is one of the most popular and well-supported library tools out there, and it’s backed by Facebook, so when Meteor announced that Blaze was only going to run on community support moving forward, we figured it was time we switched to a fully-backed solution.

We’re aiming to eventually transition entirely over to server-side rendering, which will provide us with the unparalleled benefits of efficiency and flexibility. Rendering React on the server side will bring about faster load times, search engine visibility, and easier code sharing, as well as compatibility across most browsers and almost every framework. We’re slowly getting there!

Introducing Revision Control

The new Product Details page also heralds in a brand new feature: revision control! Real-time updates can be beneficial, but for merchants looking to review their products page before any updates go live, revision control comes in handy. With revision control, any changes made to the Product Details page won’t show up on the customer-facing side until you press the Publish button. In the very near future, merchants will also have the ability to undo changes, or even schedule updates.

What Else?

In v0.16, we introduced our smart search tool. In this release, we’ve expanded upon its functionality. Now, in addition to searching via product, you can also search by accounts and orders. When you’ve found what you’re looking for, you now also have the ability to sort and filter the results.

We’ve also released the first of our beautiful new transactional emails! Order confirmation emails have been reskinned and revamped, and now feature a full order summary, including the customer’s billing address, payment method, and an itemized list of purchases. The remainder of our transactional emails will be available and ready to use in the next release, so keep your eyes peeled.

For a full list of feature changes, check out our release notes on GitHub.

As always, we’d like to give special thanks to our contributors for this release:


A Glimpse Ahead

Up next: v0.18 (we’re legal!).

Our next release will introduce the ability to add coupon codes to the checkout process. We’ll also debut the remainder of our revamped transactional email templates. Until next time!

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