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Release Update: Introducing v0.16.0

Ahoy there! Last month, in v0.15, we added easy tax automation, refactored our payment systems, and fixed a few bugs here and there. Since then, we’ve continued to focus on feature development, preparing for and polishing up a handful of nifty new tools and additions to the dashboard. For our sweet 16, we’re rolling out one of the most pivotal components to any ecommerce store: powerful, reliable, and fully customizable smart search.

“I’m really happy with the work we put in,” said Erik Kieckhafer, who was the lead, his first time ever at Reaction, for this release. “I think the community will be pleased with all the new features (some of which have been requested since day 1), and I’m proud to put my name on the release.”

Let’s see what we’ve got:

Smart Search


In a world where instant gratification reigns supreme, consumers expect to find exactly what they want as quickly as possible. Studies have shown that when users log onto an ecommerce site, nearly 40-50% of them will head straight to the search bar over a standard navigation bar. The verdict is in: a smart search tool is an integral part of any ecommerce solution, especially one that is entirely customizable and expandable, based on how you market and organize your product inventory.


Our search feature uses MongoDB’s full-text search capabilities, which provides a more intelligent matching algorithm than plain text search. It also allows admins to customize their search preferences with extra fields and order of importance. Right now, the feature only allows for product search for the time being, but users will have the ability to search for individual accounts and orders in the very near future. For more info on search APIs, check out our docs.


Our email is now powered by Nodemailer, which supports pretty much every single SMTP server. Additionally, all emails sent from Reaction are now added to a job queue for both logging and failure handling.

For more info, be sure to check out our handy dandy email API documentation.

What Else?

We made a few fixes to correct some saving errors that have been popping up. We’ve also updated our shipping section’s UI, as well as refactored the naming conventions of some of the shipping methods we offer. All in all, a much more effective shipping experience.

For a full list of feature changes, check out our release notes on GitHub, as well as our forums.

A big hand for our contributors, @callmephilip and @priezz, who helped out with display, UI, and localization cleanups. Thanks a ton! We’re now at over 2,700 stars and 580 forks on Github. Let’s keep those community vibes going.

A Glimpse Ahead

The wait for our next release won’t be long— v0.17 is slated to launch as early as next week!

We’re rewriting our entire Product Details page by converting everything to React, which will pave the way for better server-side rendering and SEO support. Expect a more modern and up-to-date publishing experience, and more efficient workflow overall. Keep your eyes peeled.

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