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Reaction Reading List, Vol. 1

Here at Reaction Commerce we have a fairly active Slack channel for sharing books, articles, blogs, and other interesting content. Here's a handful of recent stories making the rounds at Reaction.

The Strange Infinities of Ecommerce

Take massive amounts of royalty-free online content. Mix in a little predictive AI and good old-fashioned keyword-stuffing. Then serve the whole mess up on an ecommerce marketplace with relatively few gatekeepers, and watch how weird it gets…

The Cost of JavaScript

Google Engineering Manager Addy Osmani gets deep into the weeds on how delivery of JavaScript bundles can severely impact your mobile users’ experience.

Research: When Managers Are Overworked, They Treat Employees Less Fairly

Why do managers fail to live up to their own values in the way they sometimes treat employees? According to these authors, it may just be that they’re overworked and don’t have time to be fair. (Who knew that doing things the right way takes time and effort?)

Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends Report: All the Slides, Plus Analysis

From stagnating smartphone unit shipments and easier mobile payments to ecommerce sales growth and the “privacy paradox,” Mary Meeker’s much-anticipated annual review always gives us plenty of food for thought.

Roads and Bridges: The Unseen Labor Behind Our Digital Infrastructure

At 140+ pages of in-depth research and analysis, venture capital veteran Nadia Eghbal’s report won’t be mistaken for light bedtime reading. But if you want to understand what powers the software that powers just about everything—the websites we build, the devices we use—it’s worth the effort.

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