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Reaction News | February 2015

Hello! Since our last update, we’ve made incredible progress, and we wanted to take a moment to fill you in on what we’ve accomplished, as well as share our milestones and roadmap for getting to our Beta release. The last time we sent out an update we were at v.0.2.0, and we’re now at v0.3.0. It’s a big leap forward! Here are some highlights of our recent improvements:

  • Currency localization (l10n)
    • Reaction now supports localized currency formats, for example 1200 Euros will display as 1.200,00 €, and we’ve added automatic currency conversion.
  • SEO updates
    • Spiderable package added.
    • Initial meta tag implementation.
  • Improvements to product variants
    • Inventory quantity now calculated across child variants.
    • Inventory status (backorder, sold out) now calculated and displayed to be more optimized for conversion.
    • Price now displays as a range for variants with multiple price-point options.
  • Added reaction-core-theme package. This package is the foundation for easy theming.
  • Implemented bunyan logging library for improved debugging and event-based analytics.
  • Added Braintree and Stripe payment packages.
  • Added a basic shipping package supporting flat rates.
  • Updated to iron:router@1.0+ and Meteor
  • New single command to install Meteor + Reaction and start the latest release.
  • And much more. View our full list of improvements and fixes here, and view our FAQ here.

Special thanks to our contributors for their pull requests: @ramusus @evliu @olegshilov @lovetostrike @prinzdezibel @kefirchik @danielgindi @aldeed @viewplatgh @boboci9.

If you experience any issues with your shop, please log a ticket in GitHub. We try to keep things as stable as possible, but this is an Alpha release, and we could use your help!

Getting to our Beta release and our new project board
To see what we’re currently working on and what’s upcoming, please check out our recently overhauled GitHub milestones and our new project development board.

Highlights from our blog

International Appeal

We recently published a blog post about one of our contributors, Daniel Cohen Gindi. Aside from his important work on Reaction Commerce, he’s got interesting insights on the need for an entirely new approach to ecommerce. Check it out!

The Evolution of Ecommerce

Our CEO, Sara, wrote a 2-part blog series on the history and trajectory of ecommerce. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth the read.

Onward and Upward

  • A total of 4,025 Reaction Commerce shops have been created. Please keep the feedback coming!
  • Our main GitHub repo hit 619 stars and 124 watchers! Please star us!

Stay in touch

We want to hear from you! We’ve set up a Google Group and a Gitter Channel for anyone to give feedback and communicate about Reaction. If you find bugs, you can report them on our GitHub issues page.

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