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Reaction Commerce has been acquired by Mailchimp

Hi everyone, Sara here with some big news to share with you all.

Reaction Commerce has been acquired by Mailchimp!

Before I get to the backstory, the second big headline is that Mailchimp is committed to Reaction’s open source product and community. This means that the Reaction Commerce open source codebase will continue to receive attention and love going forward!

Now that the headlines have been shared, here’s some background.

I’m sure most everyone reading this is familiar with Mailchimp, but just in case here’s a quick introduction and explanation for why Mailchimp will be a great steward for open commerce.

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform for small businesses. They empower millions of customers around the world to start and grow their businesses with their smart marketing technology, award-winning support, and inspiring content. They were founded in 2001 and are headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with additional offices across the U.S. and in Canada. Mailchimp is still 100% founder owned and highly profitable.

Beyond their suite of email and marketing-related products, they are focused on offering commerce solutions to their small business customers, and that’s where Reaction enters. In addition, a good percentage of Mailchimp’s existing customer base are commerce-related businesses, and the Reaction team will also be helping to build integrations, features, and APIs for their entire ecosystem of commerce customers.

On a personal note, I love Mailchimp’s mission to “empower the underdog.” I’ve always appreciated a good David vs. Goliath story, and I firmly believe that Reaction’s open commerce engine is the way to democratize commerce and empower businesses to be able to sell anything, anywhere.

I’ve had a bit of a crush on Mailchimp for a long time. I first fell in love with Mailchimp when I discovered It was one of the first style guides I ever experienced, and that was well before we even called them style guides! My love for Mailchimp continued as I learned about their path as a completely independent and profitable business having never raised outside financing. It’s insanely hard to build a highly profitable and independent business - #respect. My love expanded as the Mailchimp brand exploded. Seeing Freddie stickers, stuffed animals, hats, and other swag appearing in my feeds and at events always made me smile. And all along the way, I’ve loved being a Mailchimp customer, too. It’s been inspiring and fun to watch the product grow and evolve. And now Reaction and I get to be a part of this amazing company, brand, product, and team.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t close by sharing a big thank you to our global open source community, partners, and customers. We would not be here without your continued dedication. You’ve been following and supporting us from our early days, and I’m excited that we get to continue this journey together on a new and bigger platform! While we’ve been at this for over 6 years, today feels like the beginning again.

I’m especially proud to announce this now because small businesses are struggling due to the impact of COVID–19. We look forward to helping businesses to grow and rebuild as quickly as possible.

You can read more about the acquisition over on Mailchimp’s newsroom.

Thanks, all!


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