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Reaction Beta Release, v0.9.0, is now Available

We’re happy to report that we’ve released version 0.9.0 of Reaction on GitHub. This is our first Beta release! This isn’t just any Beta: this is a feature-rich, production-ready Beta, which means we now endorse and support Reaction as an option for live, active shops. If you are a developer or designer, we encourage you to adopt Reaction for your next ecommerce project.

Among the many improvements, this release also includes significant changes to the way orders are handled to accommodate for more flexibility and most of the code has been refactored for ES6. We’re still doing some testing, cleanup, and stabilization, so we appreciate your patience over the next few days, but we’re excited to have a stable codebase that is ideal for developers.

To access and install Reaction, please visit our GitHub repo. In case you need it, we have detailed installation instructions and documentation at the ready. Please use our dev chat room for any questions or issues.

More about Reaction

Reaction is a modern, flexible open source commerce platform built entirely on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It’s real time reactive by default, mobile-ready from the get go, includes integrated apps and analytics, has a slick interface with inline editing and drag and drop merchandising, and can be easily extended or modified. It’s been designed and developed by a team with decades of experience in ecommerce who didn’t want to build yet another ecommerce platform, but, rather, is passionately rethinking ecommerce.

While we already have a very feature-rich Beta product that is competitive to many of the solutions that exist today, we have a big vision and a long list of features we still plan to develop. In short, we’re just getting started. And, we can’t wait to see how our community continues to extend the platform! Here’s our list of features and roadmap.

Our Platform as a Service (PaaS) is coming soon

There’s one more piece to our Beta release and that’s the launch of our hosted PaaS. Our platform will enable anyone to launch a Reaction shop, and then customize and extend their shop on top of our Docker-ized platform. We will be slowly rolling this out over the coming months to those who have signed up.

Our vision for our PaaS is to remove the devops headache (and the expense!) of running and scaling ecommerce shops and marketplaces. More importantly, we want anyone to be able to modify or extend their Reaction shop, and then deploy those changes to different environments while still being able to stay on top of our PaaS.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit We’ll be doing a controlled release, so the earlier you sign up on our list, the earlier you’ll get access.

A few additional details

What is the roadmap for new features?
We have a list of features here, and you can follow along via our project board. Please jump into our developer chat room with any questions or ideas.

Is Reaction stable for production shops?
Yes. Our open source Beta release is ready for live, active production shops. One of the main reasons we spent two years to get to our Beta release was to make sure we could offer a stable and secure codebase. We’ve also got an integrated, automated test suite that runs with every update to our code to help us ensure we don’t introduce breaking changes. It’s not perfect, and there are no guarantees, but we’re going to do our best to keep Reaction stable and each new release backward compatible.

How much is Reaction?
The open source version of Reaction is, and always will be, free to use. It’s licensed under the GPLv3 license. Our hosted platform will be available to sign up for a 30-day free trial, then it will be a monthly charge. During our initial Beta release, we will be offering a limited-time promotion of $45/month with an annual plan or $50/month with a month-to-month plan. Eventually, we’ll introduce different tiers of plans and pricing. Our goal is to have the most straightforward, transparent, hassle-and-mystery free pricing model ever!

A big thank you!

It’s been almost two years to the day that we incorporated our company, Ongo Works, and started building Reaction. We still have a long list of features we plan to build, but now that our Beta release is out in the open source wild, we’re very eager to see what is created!

Lastly, we want to say a big thank you to our community for their contributions and feedback. This Beta release is the culmination of our collective efforts and ideas. Thanks!

P.S. And in the three hours since we published this post, we've already released v0.9.1!

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