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Reaction Alpha Update - Week 1

Now that we’re a week into our Alpha release, we want to give an update on what’s happened so far.

Technology spotlight

Your Reaction shop is running on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cluster utilizing a new virtual machine technology, Docker. Using Docker we are able to create and launch new instances of the Reaction Commerce application in seconds without the need for server pre-warming or other traditional techniques needed for this kind of speed. We even created our own Meteor app, called Rocker Docker to manage Docker + Node instances across multiple servers. Like Reaction, Rocker Docker is fully open source, so check it out on GitHub.

Reaction stories

??c Tr?n

SysAdmin at Saigon South International School
Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam

How did you find Reaction?

I love the speed of Nodejs applications, so I sought a Nodejs app shop that can help me build a lightweight and lightning fast Shop that I can sell my handmade stuff (windchimes, photos, photography stuff). Finally the Stackoverflow community led me to Reaction.

What kinds of ecommerce software have you used in the past?

I didn't use any. My purpose is so simple compared with a Wordpress plugin or Magento, these guys are too big, too heavy and I need to read a book to make it work ?_? Really complicated and the performance is terrible

What programming languages are you experienced with? What level of skill?

As a sysadmin, I am familiar the most with Bash ^^. I just began with Javascript ExpressJS, and I will go with Meteor this summer.

What do you think of Reaction so far?

I think it’s great that my shop is up and running in a few minutes. It's Awesome!
For Seller: quick and easy way to sell/manage stuff
For Buyer: quick and easy way to buy
For System administrator: easy to deploy, lightweight and fast

I wanna see Reaction rule the world of ecommerce system hahaha. Actually many people want to sell their own stuff and they don't have to create an Ebay store or any heavyweight Wordpress, Magento ... complicated site, I hope they may reach Reaction and DIY their shop like me. Thank you and your team for bringing the world a great app.

What are the biggest things you want to see from the platform?

  • Product images may become a small gallery which can slide or popup in lightbox
  • Product option add is hard to find (maybe you add big + sign in Green color)
  • Product color picker
  • Navigation between product, relate product (same tag)
  • Embed Vimeo/Youtube video, mp3, other HTML or JS stuff (HTML editor...),
  • Popout help message (for new seller or buyer)
  • Disquss comment system or any other
  • Theme system, place to add logo, add page, story or integrate blog
  • Place to display promotion or site-wide notification stuff
  • Other currency than $

We want your story too. Talk to us!

Stay in touch

We want to hear from you! We’ve set up a Google Group for anyone to give feedback and communicate about Reaction. If you find bugs, you can report them on our GitHub issues page.

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