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Reaction Alpha Update - v0.1.7 released

Hello! Here’s the latest on what’s been happening with our Alpha release.

  • A total of 1,917 Reaction Commerce shops have been created. Please keep the feedback coming!

  • Our main GitHub repo hit 360 stars and 92 watchers! Please star us!

  • We’ve released several versions since our last update, and we’re now running v0.1.7! Here are some highlights:

    • Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n)
      • We’ve rolled out simple i18n support for 14 languages, which means we now support multiple languages in our accounts UI (Signup/Login). We’re now ready for contributors to help translate other areas, like Cart & Checkout. Learn more about Reaction’s i18n implementation and how you can get involved.
      • Next up for i18n and l10n include support for translations of different currencies and currency formats, translation of product labels, and the ability to edit all translations within the Reaction admin interface.

    • Template extensions
      • Interested in changing the look of the Product Detail Page? Want to change the experience for Logging In or redesign the Home Page? Now developers can easily make these changes and any others by using any template we’ve written and either extend it or replace it. You can copy our HTML or write your own.

    • Control Panel
      • We have introduced a Control Panel interface within your Reaction account. You can now easily see your shop credentials, view what version your shop is running, rebuild your shop by simply clicking a button, and more. The Control Panel will be the central hub to manage your Reaction shop(s). If it’s been a while since you’ve visited your shop, login to your new Control Panel to either Restart your shop, Update and Rebuild your shop to get the newest codebase and features, or Delete your shop.

    • Updated to Meteor v0.9.3
      • Meteor released v0.9.3, and we’ve upgraded Reaction to this latest release. We've also released reactioncommerce:core as a Meteor package. We also know that Meteor 1.0 is coming, and we will be converting and refactoring to meet all 1.0 conventions. We aim to have our Beta release following the release of Meteor 1.0.
      • And much more. View our full list of improvements and fixes here, and view our FAQ here.

If you experience any issues with your shop, please log a ticket in GitHub. We try to keep things as stable as possible, but this is an Alpha release, and we could use your help!

Getting to our Beta release

We have several big features lined up before we will officially put the “Beta” stamp on Reaction.
These include:

  • Improvements to the admin order workflow
  • Additional payment modules
  • Shop search
  • Tax management
  • Shipping management
  • Easy domain management

Follow our progress via our Vision page.

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