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A Recap of Reaction Action: June Edition

On last week’s Reaction Action, we had the pleasure of featuring our very first guest. Lorenzo Campanis (@lcampanis), founder & CEO of Artlimes, joined us from Athens, Greece to present an exclusive live demo of his innovative art marketplace, powered by our core platform. Plus, Ryan and Mike came on set to guide us through the official Reaction style guide, from where it’s headed to how we built it.

Missed out on this one? Don't worry— we’ve got you covered. Here’s a full video replay of the live broadcast:

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You may also watch the livestream via Crowdcast.

Notes & Links:

  • Intro slides (0:20)
  • General overview (1:29)
  • Get involved on GitHub (2:11)
  • We’re hiring (2:48)
  • Installation video (3:55)
  • The official Reaction style guide (7:40)
  • Why we built our style guide as a custom plugin (10:48)
  • Multi-tenant marketplace is next on the roadmap. When can we expect this? (17:55)
  • New Gitter chatrooms (19:45)
  • Docs chatroom (22:34)
  • The dev process feels too cumbersome, especially on Windows. Why is this happening? (23:00)
  • How can we integrate Reaction with mobile payment platforms in different countries? Can you tell us more about gateways and payment integrations? (25:25)
  • Plugins chatroom (26:30)
  • How do I sync Reaction with an ERP? (27:00)
  • Introducing Lorenzo, founder of Artlimes (28:45)
  • Live demo of Artlimes (30:40)
  • Styling and theming Artlimes on Reaction (47:05)

Did you submit a question that we didn’t have time to get to? As promised, we’ve responded to all of your unanswered inquiries. Check out our responses below.

Will there be some sort of content management integration within the next release? Possibly integrating Drupal or Wordpress or a custom cms for reaction.

Content management is on the Roadmap, but we haven’t gotten around to building this out yet. Since we’re focusing on Marketplace at the moment, it most likely won’t be available in the next release.

This time around, most of our inquiries were answered directly in the livestream by Aaron and Spencer. If you’re looking for a specific answer, refer back to the livestream.

Don't miss the next one. We’ll be announcing the time and place for the fifth installment of our Reaction Action livestream shortly, so hold on tight and stay tuned. And as always, all attendees who participate in our Q&A will receive a free Reaction shirt and notebook! RSVP link coming soon.

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