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Looking Back and Looking Ahead

This time of year, everyone makes lists—The Best... My Favorite... The Most... We all take some kind of stock, personally or professionally, of what we wanted to accomplish, what we did accomplish, and what we hope to accomplish. That’s one of the things that makes a new year so inspiring—it’s a collective “page reload.”

For Reaction Commerce, 2014 marked our first full year of development, of dreaming about how to make ecommerce better, of asking questions about what’s possible, of dipping our toes in the water and gauging the temperature and interest level of the pool. What’s fun about the first year of anything is that it’s all an unknown; everything is a surprise. And at Reaction Commerce, our year was a series of very happy surprises. We know that we couldn’t have accomplished everything that we did without all the ongoing support and valuable feedback from all of you who have helped us make it through our first year. So, in honor of accomplishments, both past and future, here are a couple of our year-end and looking forward lists.

With your help, we’ve been able to pass some exciting milestones in 2014:

Our top 3 blog posts of the year were:

  1. Using Google Spreadsheets as a CMS for Meteor
  2. How to Get Involved with Reaction Commerce
  3. Will Native Apps for Ecommerce Go the Way of the Dinosaur?

Our main goals for 2015:

We are working to get to a production-stable Beta release by mid year. We will be sharing a more detailed public roadmap in the near future, but here’s a glimpse of some of the things you can expect by Beta:

You can always follow our progress on GitHub, and you can stay informed via @getreaction on Twitter.

From everyone at Reaction Commerce (all three of us), we wish you a Happy New Year, and we thank you for your continued support and encouragement. We’ve appreciated all of your suggestions, feedback, questions, and pull requests, and we’re looking forward to a huge 2015!

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