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An Update On Reaction Commerce

Hello, Reaction Commerce community members and customers! It’s been almost 8 months since Reaction Commerce joined Mailchimp, and I wanted to take a moment to share an update on our progress and outline some of what’s next for Reaction. During the time that we’ve been onboarding into Mailchimp, we have been sharing information about the open source project, the open source community, and outlining our recommendations on how to best fit Reaction into the overall Mailchimp brand. Now that our initial transition has been completed, we’d like to share an update along with our plans for the future of the Reaction Commerce project, and we also want to reiterate our commitment to the Reaction Commerce community.

Mailchimp’s commitment to Open Commerce

Mailchimp sees great value in the Reaction Commerce open source project and enormous opportunity to actively support the open source software community. Here are our priority initiatives:

  1. We’re working on a complete documentation overhaul that will include new guides, refreshed documentation, and API references that will live on the new and improved website
  2. We’ve hired additional teammates to support the Reaction Commerce project who will be starting in January

We will share more in depth information as these projects start to roll out to the public, but the goal is that we’ve finished the documentation refresh and have a team of developers staffed in early 2021.

The roadmap for Open Commerce

The documentation overhaul and staffing of additional teammates are only the beginning. We have big plans to continue to improve and enhance the Reaction Commerce product. We’ve heard from many of you that you’re interested in knowing what our priorities are for the project, and we’re excited to share an overview of our roadmap for the next year.

Reaction Plugins for Mailchimp

We want to create 2 plugins that make it easy to connect your Reaction installation with either Mailchimp’s Transactional or Marketing APIs. The goal is to let Reaction users leverage all the great ecommerce marketing capabilities of Mailchimp.

New Administrator Architecture

We want to move the Reaction Admin over to the new admin-core architecture and address outstanding UI/UX issues with the admin experience. The goal is to make it easier for Reaction users to customize their operator admin experiences and generally improve the out of box experience.

Finish Migration to New IAM Solution

We want to finish migrating Reaction’s Identity and Access Management solution off of Meteor. The goal is to make managing users and permissions across the software easier and removing the last bit of Meteor from the Reaction tech stack.

Easier Cloud Deployment

We want to make it easier to deploy the Reaction system to cloud environments, by improving the developer experience and providing resources to the community. The goal is to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to get Reaction into production.

Tag and Category Enhancement

We want to improve the overall merchandising feature set within Reaction by improving the tagging and navigation builder and adding product categories as a way to organize products and build pages. The goal is to have a more robust experience around product organization and navigation creation;

First Party Multi-Shop Support

We want to bring multi-shop support back as a first-party feature of Reaction. The goal being to make it easy to operate multiple shops from a single Reaction instance.

Improved Media Handling

We want to improve media handling in Reaction by providing plugins that let users leverage external services for media storage and retrieval. The goal being to make it simple to connect Reaction to your preferred media storage solution.

More to follow

Thank you to our open source community for continuing to support and contribute to Reaction Commerce. We’ll share progress on this work along with additional updates in the coming months!

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