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An Update on our Beta Release

Good news! We started the rollout of our Beta release, and we want to update you on our progress and plans.

Yesterday, we launched an updated site at, which includes a video and some other fun branding elements. This is the foundation for what’s to come.

There are two more releases in the works!

##Early Access Beta Release of our Platform as a Service (PaaS)

In the coming days as part of the next phase of our Beta release, you’ll be able to launch Reaction shops from This will be an Early Access Beta Release of our PaaS solution for launching clusters of Docker-ized Reaction shops on a custom solution that we're developing that supports custom SSL certificates and domain names. Our vision is that you’ll be able to customize and extend, and then deploy your Reaction shops directly and conveniently on our platform.

During Beta, we will be offering a 30-day free trial for anyone to launch a full-featured Reaction shop. After the trial, pricing will start at $45/month (USD). We’ll have more details on pricing, billing, and benefits in the coming days.

New Versions of Reaction

  • Last week, we released v0.8.0 into our development branch that included an update to Meteor 1.2.

  • And within the next week, we will be releasing a v0.9.x branch that will be tagged as our initial Beta release. This is an entirely open Beta. The code will continue to be available in our GitHub repo. There will always be a version of Reaction available for free via our open source GitHub repo that can be hosted outside of our platform.

What we mean by Beta

Remember when Google launched Gmail in Beta, and they were in Beta for a while but it was still production-ready, stable, and had core features you’d expect in webmail? That’s what we’re striving for with our Beta!

Our first Beta release will be v0.9.x. To us, Beta means we're aiming for a stable code base, mostly updated for ES6, where the methods, structures, and codebase are a solid foundation for building upon, the essentials for order workflow are working and stable, and the UI structure is solid, but we’re still feature incomplete. (We have a long feature list!)

As usual, we’re available for questions and feedback via our developer chat room. Stay tuned to our blog and to Twitter for updates. Thanks for all the great support.

We can’t wait to see what you all create with Reaction!

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