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A Recap of Reaction Action: July

Reaction Action is our flagship event, held at Reaction HQ and livestreamed all around the world. Learn more about the platform, catch a demo, and get your questions answered by the Reaction team. This month, two special guests joined us on-air: Richard Moot, Developer Evangelist at Shippo, and Daniel Honig, CEO of Boomer Digital. Richard discussed some best practices for optimizing the post-purchase experience, while Daniel stopped by in-person to discuss development, showcase his Reaction-run site, and answer questions from the community. Plus, Jeremy Shimko gave a demo of our Registered Components functionality.

Missed out on this one? Don't worry— we’ve got you covered.

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Notes & Links:

  • Intro slides (0:40)
  • General overview (1:33)
  • Get involved on GitHub (2:10)
  • Introducing Community Projects (2:15)
  • Join our Partner Program (2:45)
  • We’re hiring (3:00)
  • Registered Components demo (3:42)
  • Special guest: Richard from Shippo (16:05)
  • Optimizing ecommerce returns via Shippo (22:45)
  • Curious if Shippo is able to integrate with fulfillment centers such as Fulfillment by Amazon or Shipwire? (24:45)
  • Special guest: Daniel from Boomer (26:15)
  • Boomer’s Reaction site (33:05)
  • Elasticsearch 33:30
  • Community Channels doc (41:03)
  • How could you regionalize the products? When people from city A enter my site, I want to offer the products X with price 1, Y with price 2 and Z with price 3. When people of city B enter my site, I want to offer the products Y with price 1.5, W with price 2, and Z with price 4. (43:06)
  • When will GraphQL API be ready? (48:45)
  • reaction-api-base (48:55)
  • When would you think ElasticSearch would be an appropriate solution vs unnecessary overhead? What would be the benefits to using it over MongoDB? (50:20)
  • When do you plan to release a speed optimized version? (54:27)
  • Just wondering about static page management in the admin portal? Is that upcoming as well? Or is that pushed further back still? (58:05)
  • Is there a way to create a global product base that can be pulled into multiple stores that also have their own products (which are separate from each other)? (1:00:42)

If you’re looking for a specific answer, please refer back to the livestream.

Don't miss the next one. We’ll be announcing the time and place for the next Reaction Action livestream shortly, so hold on tight and stay tuned. And as always, all attendees who participate in our Q&A will receive a free Reaction shirt and notebook! RSVP link coming soon.

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