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A Recap of Reaction Action: August

Reaction Action is our monthly flagship event, held at Reaction Commerce HQ and livestreamed all around the world. Learn more about the platform, catch a demo or two, and get all of your questions answered by the Reaction team.

Cofounder and CTO Aaron Judd kicked off this month’s livestream with a sneak peek of our upcoming Marketplace release. We were also joined by our resident Community Engineers, Spencer Norman (@spencern) and Machiko Yasuda (@machikoyas). Spencer briefly demo’d his Shopify connector, which currently imports product data from Shopify into Reaction. Eventually, it will have the ability to sync across platforms as well. Machiko gave a tour of our new and improved Docs experience, as well as how to contribute to and suggest new Docs.

Missed out on this one? Don't worry— we’ve got you covered.


Watch the full video replay on YouTube.

Notes & Links:

  • Intro slides (0:10)
  • General overview (1:20)
  • We’re hiring (2:16)
  • Get involved (2:54)
  • Aaron’s marketplace demo (4:33)
  • Spencer’s Shopify connector demo (11:35)
  • Can merchants sign up to have a new shop on the front-end instead of being added through the central admin portal? (14:37)
  • Will the onboarding process be implemented in a multi-step pattern using a local storage to persist the data? (15:30)
  • Onboarding preview
  • Is there also a Magento 2 connector on the Roadmap? (16:35)
  • Talk about the rationale for having 2 types of shops: one where the user can just create a shop through the UI, and one where the user is added by the admin. (19:10)
  • Does the Shopify connector pull in the product images as well? (20:20)
  • Developing a generic connector, like a CSV importer. (20:37)
  • What type of payment support do you have? Can you tell us more about Stripe Connect? (22:47)
  • How should marketplace be deployed in production for high-traffic scenarios? (24:40)
  • Can you talk about the database schema for marketplace? (27:17)
  • How is the Blaze to React migration going? (30:30)
  • What are the different ways someone can control or manage inventory in Reaction? (31:55)
  • Will we be doing more in-depth tutorials specifically around Reaction plugins and architecture? (33:37)
  • Machiko’s demo on documentation (34:20)
  • Will you write a tutorial on the Blaze to React migration? (42:04)
  • reaction-api base (43:08)
  • What’s the go-forward plan for two branches: one for marketplace and one for single-tenant shops? (45:55)
  • Why does it take such a long time for migration and deployment of a simple Reaction store? (46:48)
  • Are we planning on having a centralized plugin management solution, similar to Atmosphere and npm? (49:05)
  • What if someone were to copy our system and make a similar system, much like Shopify? (51:20)
  • Can you tell us more about the Reaction Platform? (55:50)

If you’re looking for a specific answer, please refer back to the livestream.

Don't miss the next one. The next Reaction Action will take place on September 26 at 8am Pacific Time, 11am Eastern Time. As always, all attendees who participate in our Q&A will receive a free Reaction shirt and notebook! Be sure to RSVP today.

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