A Recap of our SoCal Node.js Meetup

On Tuesday, we opened our space to fellow members of the SoCal Node.js Meetup group for a night of networking, presentations, and of course, plenty of pizza (shout-out to Grey Block, a perennial fav). Attendees across all skill levels dropped by HQ, where there were presentations from both seasoned Node.js vets and Silicon Beach up-and-comers alike. This month’s guest speakers included Peter K. Lee, founder & CEO of Corenova Technologies, and James DeCicco, founder & CEO of Beach Coders. Here’s a recap of the event, in case you missed it.

The Meetup

The SoCal Node.js Meetup has been organizing events for over 2,485 members throughout the greater Los Angeles area since 2011. In the past, event programming has covered a wide breadth of topics, from catching backyard critters using Node.js to creating voice commands for Alexa with AWS. In the past, developers, entrepreneurs, security researchers, and information architects have all graced the stage. We’ve been meaning to meet more of the local JS community in-person, so when Peter introduced us to the Meetup organizers, we were more than happy to share our venue space for the month of May.


The Talks

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” - Peter Lee, founder & CEO, quoting Stephen Hawking.

First up: Peter, the man behind Corenova Technologies, a data company that creates intelligent neural networks for automation. In his talk, Peter presented some real-life instances where just a few small changes within a complex system resulted in great calamity. Fixing bugs takes up more than 50% of a developer’s time. It also amounts up to $310 billion as a global economic cost. It’s why, when it comes to software, we often act as overbearing parents, always hovering over our work, never giving it the autonomy to adapt on its own.


But what if, like the human body, software systems had the ability to manage themselves without direct intervention? Peter presented Node.js-based reactive programming for data models as a possible solution. He gave a demo of KOS, an open source data framework that allows users to create automatic data pipelines for their apps. First, he showed fellow Noders how to set up an autonomic neural network, and then, how to build a data cluster using the Reaction platform as an example.


Next up was James DeCicco, founder of Beach Coders, a career-oriented coding camp based in El Segundo. In his talk, James discussed the importance of emotional reframing when it comes to successfully switching careers in a gig economy-centric world. Using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, he introduced how certainty, sustainability, and connection all play a role in emotional and creative output.

alt alt alt (Tuesday happened to be the night of both the NBA and the NFL Finals.)

Couldn’t make it to this one? You’re in luck—we’re hosting another Meetup next week! Join us on Tuesday, 5/23 at 7pm PST for our May Meteor LA Meetup, where we’ll be hearing from Nick Alt, founder & CEO of VNYL, and Abhi Aiyer, cohost of GraphQL Radio. RSVP for free.

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