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A Recap of Our Meteor Meetup

Last Thursday, we opened our doors to fellow friends, technologists, and the local JavaScript community for a night of food, fun, and drinks. Nearly 50 attendees stopped by HQ for our inaugural Meteor Meetup, where the Reaction team gave presentations and invited members of the LA community to show us their cool Meteor-based projects. Here’s a recap of the event, in case you missed it:

The Meetup


As the organizers of the Los Angeles Meteor Meetup group, we’ve hosted and coordinated multiple Meetups across a variety of offices and coworking spaces over the last 2 years. In the past, we’ve run sessions on the basics of Meteor, how to run on Docker and Tutum, implementing Redux, etc. The impetus for last week’s Meetup all started in the Meteor forums, when Aaron saw that a member had asked about whether or not there was an official Meteor Meetup that met regularly in Los Angeles. Since we had just moved into a cool new space of our own, one that was big enough to accommodate large groups, we thought, “Let’s get the gang together!”

The Setup


It doesn’t take a whole lot to host a Meetup. We had the following on hand:

  • An Epson PowerLite 1985WU projector (which took 3 whole devs to set up)
  • Plenty of pizza from Joe’s Pizza
  • Beers from Ye Olde Smart N’ Final
  • Plenty of seating, as well as spots on our comfy couches
  • A live stream camera, courtesy of our friends at Mevo


We also debuted our snazzy new Reaction Commerce tees from Bella+Canvas, which we gave away to all attending guests. If you’re interested in copping some of our gear, we’ll be starting up our own Reaction-powered swag shop in the very near future. Stay tuned!

The Talks

Back in 2013, when the JavaScript ecosystem was markedly different from how it is today, we chose the Meteor framework to power our very first version of Reaction Commerce. Aaron gave a presentation on how we made that decision, why we wanted to keep the platform open source, and why we stuck with it unwaveringly over the past 3 years.

“Meteor was the most open-sourced solution we could have,” said Aaron. “We wanted to be able to fork it and control our own destiny. Ultimately, it was all about flexibility.”


There were some minor technical snafus during Aaron’s presentation, which we’ll definitely work on and prepare for at future events. To watch the full live stream of his talk, click here. Skip to 31:40, unless you’re curious about what Aaron’s desktop looks like (spoiler: it’s a sweet photo from Palm Springs). Sometimes, Keynote works in mysterious ways.

Full-stack developer Dylan Sanders also gave a quick demo on Village, a music sharing app that aggregates content from YouTube, all built on Meteor. Thanks for sharing, Dylan!

The Takeaways


Sara had three major takeaways from the Meetup:

  1. “It’s awesome to have over 50 people show up on a Thursday night in Santa Monica to talk tech. We never would have gotten that many people for a JavaScript meetup just a few short years ago! The LA tech scene has definitely matured.”
  2. “For me, meeting Nick Alt and the team from VNYL was one of the highlights of the night. I’ve always admired what they are building.”
  3. “Pepperoni pizza was more popular than cheese pizza.”

Currently, the LA Meteor Meetup group is just the 19th largest Meteor Meetup in world— let’s change that! Let’s get the word out, help our community grow, and show everyone that the Meteor framework is going strong.

Don’t miss the next one. Reaction Action is our flagship event, featuring technical talks about the Reaction Commerce platform, the JavaScript ecosystem, and the world of commerce apps and services. Join the all-new Reaction Commerce Meetup group, where we’ll be announcing all of our upcoming get-togethers at HQ. For real-time updates on all future events, feel free to follow us on Twitter.


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