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A Recap of our All-Hands Week

As a fully distributed team, Reaction is able to attract and hire the best people, regardless of where they live. But as a remote organization, how do we approach things that are better done in person, like giving and receiving feedback, aligning on goals, and team building? And how do we actually get to know each other? That’s why we have all-hands week.

It works like this: teammates from all around the world take a break from their regular work schedules, joining us at Santa Monica HQ for one full week of learning and connecting. Since our last all-hands, we’ve onboarded new teammates across the United States, from Long Beach and Denver to Park City and New Orleans. Here are some highlights from our action-packed week together:


Before getting into the agenda for the week, Sara kicked things off with personal check-ins. This exercise was first introduced at our inaugural all-hands, and so far, it’s been an effective grounding tool that not only sets the stage for the rest of the week, but for the culture of the team.

This time around, we were all given the task of writing and presenting our own personal README guides. Our README's served as personal operating manuals on who we are, how we work, and what we stand for. Not only did we learn a lot about each other, we also learned a lot about ourselves. To learn more about READMEs, check out this blog post by Katie Womersley, Director of Engineering at Buffer.

Ryan, Spencer, and Ticean led presentations on design, engineering, and architecture. The team discussed Reaction's UI/UX vision, how we plan on delivering our development, features, and performance promises, and the importance of data availability in building a continuous, real-time data platform.


At night, we relaxed with cards, board games, and some virtual reality.


Up bright and early for the May edition of Reaction Action! Watch a recap of the livestream via YouTube.


In a recent Know Your Company survey, nearly 95% of the team said they wanted more opportunities for constructive feedback. So, Sara brought in Geoff Graber, who helped us define a safe space and formal process for effective communication.

Afterward, we watched our viewer’s choice film for the evening, Volcano!




How are we vetting and onboarding our paid clients? How are we managing and billing our paid offerings? These were some of the questions RJ touched upon in his session on revenue and sales.


Blaine LaBron, VP of Digital Marketing at Pressed Juicery, stopped by the office to share his experiences launching an online subscription-based membership program for a brick-and-mortar brand.



At night, Reaction kicked off its very first No-code Hackathon. At the Hackathon, each teammate brainstormed several ideas for a product or feature, picked the best ones, then broke out into smaller groups and got to work. After an hour of wireframing, deck-building, and pizza consumption, each team pitched their final products.





A trip to the Getty Museum = essential for first-time visitors of LA.




These past few days were primarily focused on goal alignment—where are we headed, and how do we get there? Before getting started on future vision, we wanted to celebrate our past victories with an evening bash. Huge thanks to Ryan, who served as taco grillmaster, and Ticean, bartender extraordinaire.

Wrapping up the week with grilled tacos & craft cocktails.🍹🍻 #AllHands #TGIF

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Friday was low-key. In the morning, we set aside some time for work and collaboration. In the afternoon, the community team led a discussion on how to better engage and align with our open source community. We wrapped up the day—and the week—with a rare team photo opp.






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