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A Reaction Action: February Recap

This month’s edition of our global flagship event was a special one. Last week’s Reaction Action livestream took place during our annual all-hands week, which meant that our entire distributed team (now 11 strong!) was on-site in sunny Santa Monica, listening in on the discussions and connecting with our global community. Hosts Aaron Judd and Sara Hicks were joined by special guests Jeremy Shimko (@jshimko) and Brent Hoover (the one and only @zenweasel), while attendees hailed from all corners of the world, including countries such as Columbia, Nigeria, Greece, Germany, and Ukraine.


During the broadcast, Brent gave a preview our v0.19.0 release, which features a major revamp of the dashboard, as well as integration with Avalara tax reporting and Shippo, a multi-carrier shipping platform. Aaron discussed our 2017 product roadmap and the progress of marketplaces, and the whole team took turns answering inquiries.

Missed out on this one? Don't worry— we’ve got you covered. Here’s a full video replay of the live broadcast.

Notes & Links:

  • Intro slides (1:58)
  • Get involved on GitHub (2:40)
  • Partnership Program (2:40)
  • A preview of v0.19.0 (3:55)
  • What are the requirements of Reaction's managed platform? (7:15)
  • Launchdock (8:15)
  • Kubernetes (8:58), Rancher (9:01), Heroku (10:35), Deis (10:47)
  • More info on Shippo integration (eg. printing labels, delivery confirmation) (13:55)
  • Is India part of Reaction’s target market? (15:57)
  • Product roadmap vision (19:10)
  • Will Reaction be automating translations to different languages on the dashboard? (28:30)
  • LingoHub (29:13)
  • What’s your SEO strategy as a JavaScript platform? (31:14)
  • (31:40)
  • More info on multi-channeling (eg. posting products on Amazon, eBay, etc.) (37:40)
  • Does Reaction support multiple images for product variations? (46:29)
  • Collection FS via @raix (47:11)
  • What’s special about Reaction Commerce vs. Spree? (49:05)
  • Drupal community (52:10)
  • Where is the best place to get started with contributing to our community? (53:06)

Since we're gearing up for our v1.0.0 release, things are a little hectic here at HQ. We'll be announcing the time, date, and agenda of the next Reaction Action livestream shortly! Stay tuned for the RSVP link.

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