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A Reaction Action: April Recap

Last week’s Reaction Action was the first livestream since our general availability release, and we were definitely feeling the growing interest. It was our most well-attended event to date, with over 100 attendees tuning in from almost every single continent in the world (no Antarctica, sadly)! Hosts Aaron Judd and Sara Hicks gave a demo of our new Managed Platform, while special guests Spencer Norman (@spencern) and Jeremy Shimko (@jshimko) came on air to answer questions and shed more light into deployment via Docker.

Missed out on this one? Don't worry— we’ve got you covered. Here’s a full video replay of the live broadcast:

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You may also watch the livestream via Crowdcast.

Notes & Links:

  • Intro slides (1:45)
  • We’re hiring! (3:15)
  • Get involved on GitHub (3:35)
  • Our docs (4:00)
  • A demo of our v1.0.0 GA Release (4:35)
  • What are the requirements of your Managed Platform? (7:15)
  • Q&A session begins (8:55)
  • When will Reaction support marketplaces and multi-tenant stores? (9:33)
  • Will there be a plan in place for issue updates if we use marketplace right now? (14:20)
  • Can you talk about pricing tiers, commission-based structures, and distribution of funds around sub-vendors? (17:02)
  • What’s Reaction’s plan for content management, content publishing, and catalog functionality? (18:35)
  • When will Reaction support digital goods and subscription products? (19:45)
  • Will you be removing Meteor dependencies? And if so, when? (24:58)
  • Can you talk a little more about plugins / microservices? (28:30)
  • A demo of our Managed Platform (30:35)
  • An intro to Docker containers (33:08)
  • What’s Reaction doing on the security front? (39:56)
  • ongoworks:security package (42:09)
  • The pros and cons of Reaction in relation to PHP platforms (44:44)
  • What’s your SEO strategy as a JavaScript platform? (49:00)
  • Will there be a SaaS solution with premium themes, support, plugins, etc.? (51:45)
  • Will multi-tenant shops be able to have separate MongoDB databases with subdomains? (55:03)

Q&A Session

Did you submit a question that we didn’t have time to get to? Read on! As promised, we’ve responded to all of your unanswered inquiries below.

When will subscription services become available? Digital products?

We haven’t gotten around to building this out yet. The challenge here isn’t so much the product type itself—it’s more about building out the fulfillment and checkout flow, which tends to be pretty unique per business. If this is something you’d like to see, we encourage you to get involved! Check out this outstanding issue in our repo, and if you have any questions on where to get started, let us know. We’d be happy to hop on a video call.

Will there be any PWA feature support like offline static assets, online-first API cache and push notification, or these things should be handled by theme/plugin developers?

At this moment, it’s not on our Roadmap, but feel free to get started on your own! For more info, please refer to Google’s PWA checklist.

Hey, my English at all is not the is there some community in german or other languages planned?

This quarter, we’re making it a huge priority to hire a good technical writer to help clean up and organize our docs (we'd love someone from the community!). Once the docs are in solid shape, we plan on having them all translated into our app's core languages. That will be a good start. In the meantime, feel free to make suggestions for some new language rooms on Gitter.

Do you have any marketing automation integrations planned on the roadmap?

It’s already been integrated. We currently partner with Segment, an analytics platform that supports over 180 marketing automations tools, eg. Google Analytics, Optimizely, Salesforce, Intercom, Klayvio, and more. For a full list of integrations, check out Segment’s docs.

Can Reaction be used as a service marketplace?

Yes. We don’t have a service fulfillment plugin, but it’s possible.

Any tips for deploying Reaction Commerce on an EC2 AWS instance using MUP?

MUP hasn’t been updated for quite some time now, so we really don’t recommend you use it to deploy Reaction. Docker is our recommended method, but if you’re set on using MUP, please refer to the Meteor docs.

We can't just use PM2?

You can! PM2 is totally possible with our platform, but it’s not in our Docker build file, so you’ll have to build it in your own container. For more info, please refer to the official PM2 docs.

Why do you use simple schemas over Mongoose?

They’re different. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. A simple schema is a validation layer, which means you don’t insert anything into your database that doesn’t conform to the right schema. Mongoose is an ORM layer, which is a completely different layer altogether. Since Meteor already has ORM built into it (along with Minimongo relationship manager), there’s really no need for Mongoose at all.

Where do you recommend to install for production? Do you have a partner such as Digital Ocean?

Our core platform is built to work on most solutions. Feel free to install wherever, so long as your service meets our system requirements and can deploy a Docker container. And if you’d rather not deal with deployments yourself, we offer a cloud-based, turnkey platform that handles all of the tricky DevOps stuff for you. For more info on our Managed Platform, check out our features page.

Are there mobile app frontends planned/in development?

Right now, we’re putting all our efforts into building the best mobile-responsive web app experience ever. But again, if that’s something you’re interested in pursuing yourself, feel free to!

Do you have any plans to build a business logic / rule editor feature via UI? Maybe like using Node Red or something similar? In certain scenarios people prefer rule editing via drag and drop blocks.

No. That’s not something we’re looking into right now.

Spree and Magento both have a fairly robust collection of community extensions. However, you can never be sure that they will work together or are up to date with the core. Is there any thought being given to this?

Lots! In fact, it’s one of the reasons why we’re such proponents of the npm ecosystem. Essentially, we've been adopting community extensions, add-ons, and plugins, like our analytics plugin, and making sure they stay updated. Long-term, we aren't planning on building community plug-ins per se, but containerized services that further extend our platform.

For a rent-out marketplace, I need to have a customer mobile app(android/iOS), partner (shop owner) mobile app, and an admin web portal (for approving partner products). Is this possible with Reaction Commerce? In case it needs customization, how do I proceed as a developer?

It’s possible, but it will need significant custom work. The Reaction platform has the ability to compile native apps, but the actual development is something you’ll have to look into yourself. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about customization, visit our docs. And if you need help, feel free to reach out to us via chat.

Don't miss the next one! We’ll be announcing the time and place for Reaction Action's fifth installment shortly, so stay tuned. And if you enjoyed the broadcast, be sure to show your love by starring us on GitHub.

'Til next month.

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