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7 Tools of the Trade

As a startup, we keep things lean. So, naturally, we’re keen on third-party systems that are intuitive, robust, and nice to look at-- all features we strive toward with our very own platform here at Reaction. We’re also pretty keen on tools that, well, don’t break the bank.

So without further ado, here are our top 7 tools of the trade:

Messaging: Slack

Open communication is key! We use Slack to centrally store, organize, and share both public and private information with each other across channels. It’s more efficient than email, but more secure than Gchat. Slack also allows us to stream live events from our other tools, such as GitHub issues, server monitoring, and social engagement, all in one single, convenient channel. This way, when we’re monitoring activity and listening to feedback, each team member doesn’t have to toggle from platform to platform. Pretty neat.

Messaging: Gitter

Our core team may be tight-knit, but we still need a messaging platform that allows us to accommodate our network of GitHub contributors from all around the world. Gitter does just that, and because it’s already built right on top of GitHub, it integrates seamlessly into our workflow.

Project Management: Waffle

Waffle is our one unified project management solution that keeps track of all our GitHub issues and pull requests in real-time. And since we have so many contributors working remotely at all hours of the day, it is one workflow tool we simply can’t live without. We like Waffle as a project management tool because it turns the coding process itself into an open-source resource for all-- much like the finished product.

CRM: Intercom

We use Intercom to track and glean insight from our user interactions. It’s where we store our customer data, it’s our customer support channel, and it’s how we filter and segment customers into profiles, which we use to make the user experience better for both potential and current customers alike. We prefer Intercom over an enterprise-level CRM like Salesforce because of its intuitive UI and its ability to track live events.

Email: MailChimp

Good ol’ MailChimp prevails as the go-to email CRM, and for good reason. Email campaigns really are made easy with MailChimp, thanks to the platform’s simple list management tools and clean-looking metric reports. We don’t hit your inbox with too many newsletters, but when we do, MailChimp helps us make more informed choices on what to send.


Startups, e-commerce shops, freelancers, or any small business owner without a file cabinet should check out this digital accounting platform. We use for all things Accounts Payable and Receivable, which really streamlines a lot of our pesky accounting-related housekeeping. Saves trees, too!

General Niftiness: IFTTT

We like to celebrate our small victories with a little fanfare. A simple Recipe from IFTTT connects our office’s Philips Hue lighting system to our GitHub channel, so that the lights flash and blink whenever an issue is resolved. Victory dance optional.

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